"Times are Changing... You Can't Run From Time, No Matter What You Think"

VIBE: Are you concerned about the future of your career?

Andre 3000: Yup. Always.

VIBE: Why?

Andre 3000: Because the times are changing. You can’t run from time, no matter what you think. Some of the greatest people in the world, whom I love, time caught up with them. No matter how great they are, time catches up with you. And you have kids that grew up listening to you, that have learned and studied what you do, and perfected it, and took it to other levels—that’s what we’re here for.I was influenced by somebody and, hopefully, I influenced somebody else. And then somebody get influenced by them—it’s steps. You almost got to make a way for what’s to come.

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  1. I like those photos. Great interview. I really like Andre a lot. He's one of my idols of today.