Finally Fashion Is Practical: Nom de Guerre

Clean Clean Clean Clean Clean, the man is Clean.

Its hard to find beat style that is completely practical. (beat = cool). Though classic, brands like Ralph Lauren and Benjamin Bixby are usually romantic, when putting on their clothes you feel like a character in a book. Which is by all means a great feelings but its something that all cannot handle, and not everyone should even be expected to reach style heights of that caliber. However, all should look great in clothes. Nom de Guerre offers just that- an opportunity to look great in clothes even if you do not embody the personality that often goes with being an impeccably dressed man... is any of this making sense to you? Maybe not, but enjoy- I'm really feeling his 2009 looks. I'll show Fall 2009 in the Fall, for now enjoy his Spring 2009 Look Book.

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