This is Life.

Frank Sinatra. I've Got You've Under My Skin.

Blast from the Past: 80s Movie Art

I'm pretty much obsessed with 80s movies.
I think its because I'm an 80s baby, who knows.
I love watching them on weekdays in the middle of the day
when there's nothing pressing to do
on Friday or Saturday nights with my bfs
while eating take-out and talking about life.

1985. Back to the Future.

1988. Coming to America.

1985. Better off Dead.

1980. Fame.

1989. Harlem Nights.

1984. Police Academy.

Drew Struzman

Artculture. Pharrell.

Pharrell in Artculture Magazine.

colorful eclectic. SIXEART

en english:

Sixeart is a multidimensional artist who expresses by his colourful works a unique universe through different artforms. Sixeart started his artistic trajectory in the World of graffiti in the late 80s. In the beginning he was simply tagging the streets of Barcelona, which led him to develop his own personal graffiti style. In the mid 90s he started experimenting with sculpture and painting until in the year 98 he felt the need to have his own Studio. Having his Studio he has been able to establish himself as a plastic artist.

His paintings are divided in three series:

Bad children with fringe
Mutating Animals

Sixeart expresses through his childlike style, his experiences of the urban landscape, the city’s melancholy, his preoccupations regarding the evolution and its consequences, the genetic manipulation- the romanticism for the world that’s left behind, the images lost in the passage of the time…

He is influenced by the urban landscape, his city Barcelona and its social popular culture, the first Spanish painters that he has been admiring since he was a little boy and the mother nature.

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