what the fck is this? (lol).

Sooooo some may foolishly ask "Jacinda, what's going on? 2 Urban Gent blogs?? What's the cause of all this hoopla?" To that I say- slow your roll buddy, I love the original Urban Gentleman, but sometimes I feel it's a bit... commercial? Idk, it just lacks an element that it originally exhibited and now I feel I'm in too deep to go back, so instead I'll get my other perspective out this way.

Basically this blog is for The Urban Gentleman with a... different type of mind, the one who is a bit more mmmm- open, the one who wants to moreso aimlessly explore the true definition of an Urban Gentleman. Well the other blog gives you that too, but basically this is just another perspective, not many "how tos" or "best places" just feelings, and words, and opinions, and photos, etcetera etcetera- you get me?

I'm too tired to expound further, so anyway I give to you (sorta again) The Urban Gentleman.

Enjoy! Jacinda