5 Styled Jacksons.


vintage michael jackson and jackson 5 photos.

"Times are Changing... You Can't Run From Time, No Matter What You Think"

VIBE: Are you concerned about the future of your career?

Andre 3000: Yup. Always.

VIBE: Why?

Andre 3000: Because the times are changing. You can’t run from time, no matter what you think. Some of the greatest people in the world, whom I love, time caught up with them. No matter how great they are, time catches up with you. And you have kids that grew up listening to you, that have learned and studied what you do, and perfected it, and took it to other levels—that’s what we’re here for.I was influenced by somebody and, hopefully, I influenced somebody else. And then somebody get influenced by them—it’s steps. You almost got to make a way for what’s to come.

Do the Right thing and diversify your life because Spike Lee said so

photo stills from Do the Right Thing (1989)

Though I can appreciate some of his messages and his success- I'm honestly not always a fan of spike lee joints... but I admire his creativity.

photos via This Recording

Country Club Exclusive


Main Entry: 1ex·clu·sive
Pronunciation: \iks-ˈklü-siv, -ziv\
Function: adjective
Date: 1515
1 a: excluding or having power to exclude b: limiting or limited to
possession, control, or use by a single individual or group

2 a
: excluding others from participation b: snobbishly aloof
3 a
: accepting or soliciting only a socially restricted patronage
(as of the upper class)
b: stylish, fashionable c: restricted in
distribution, use, or appeal because of expense

Member of the Club


Fall in Love, Every Once in Awhile

It'll make you feel refreshed...

Be Like... Rudy.

Have heart...

at all times.

Rudy, an american football player.
Team: the fighting irish- Notre Dame.
Movie: released in 1993, based on a true story of Dan "Rudy" Ruettiger

billionaire bio: Ted Turner

"I am very serious about running for president, but Jane doesn't want me to do it." - Ted Turner

Billionaire. Owns: Cable New Network (CNN), Turner Network television (includes TBS, TCM, Cartoon Network, Etc), the Atlanta Braves and Hawks. Donated 1 billion dollars to the United Nations.

How did he do it? Rich Father.

Turner' s media empire began with his father' s billboard business which he took over at the age of 24 after his father' s suicide.The billboard business, Turner Outdoor Advertising, was worth approximately $1 million when Turner took it over in 1963. Purchase of an Atlanta UHF station in 1970 began the assemblage of the Turner Broadcasting System.

How can you do it? Well-executed ambition or a wealthy mentor, who treats you like the son he never had.

Implicit Poise.

Daniel Craig aka
James Bond.

via http://iconology.therndm.com

A Gallon of Gravity

Keep Trimmed


i appreciate websites that consist of nothing but phrases that make you think... or laugh... or agree... you know- makes you feel a certain emotion even if only for a second. ive been discovering these sites alot lately, but mainly because of my favorite site (next to mines) ffffound. the saying above can be found here, it's basically a site that counted down to new years with new years resolutions. neat-o.

it's Saturday: Go Play!

don't smoke, but go have some fun.

define: flâneur- a gentleman stroller of the streets.

to be flâneur or a flâneur. the word often has 2 connatations- positive and negative. but we will take on the positive definition...

The term flâneur comes from the French masculine noun flâneur—which has the basic meanings of "stroller", "lounger", "saunterer", "loafer"—which itself comes from the French verb flâner, which means "to stroll". Charles Baudelaire developed a derived meaning of flâneur—that of "a person who walks the city in order to experience it". Because of the term's usage and theorization by Baudelaire and numerous thinkers in economic, cultural, literary and historical fields, the idea of the flâneur has accumulated significant meaning as a referent for understanding urban phenomena and modernity.

Flâneur: Refers to an urban, upper-middle class ideal man of society. A flâneur takes pleasure in observing the modern, progressive, everyday life. He takes in his surroundings, both the fleeting beauty and the universal, timeless beauty, and he is conscious of social distinction.

Flâneuse”: The female version of a flâneur. This term was not coined during the Impressionist time period. Woman, according to society, could not actually be an observer of the modern, nor could she be progressive or conscious of the movement of urban, modern life. Artists like Cassatt and Morisot did paintings which placed women in society and portrayed them as observers of the modern and equals of the flâneur.

“The street becomes a dwelling for the flâneur; he is as much at home among the facades of houses as a citizen in his four walls. To him the shiny, enamelled signs of business are at least as good a wall ornament as an oil painting is to a bourgeois in his salon. The walls are the desk against which he presses his notebooks; newsstands are his libraries and the terraces of cafés are the balconies from which he looks down on his household after his work is done.”

––– Walter Benjamin, “The Flâneur”

*the "flâneur" (the one who strolls) and "flânerie" (the act of strolling) are often associated with Paris.

Timeless Cool: Sammy Davis Jr

I like to venture off into "blogland" sometimes. It happens in a variety of ways, but one of the common ways is going to the profile of an Urban Gentleman reader who commented on a post, then I go to their blog and depending on how interesting I'll spend some time there or perhaps go to a blog they have on their "blogroll".... There's a guy named Keith who comments on my blog here and there and I noticed him because of the great picture he was using as his avatar- so I clicked on his blog and instantly fell in love. Why? Because there's nothing better than vintage photos of cool people- and he seemingly has thousands. He sort of has "his & her" blogs: The Dino Lounge: Coolness is Timeless and Sugar & Spice. I may not have the time to visit them both everyday, but when I do- it's always a treat....

photos obviously snagged from his blog :)

fashion in our town.


I Don't Need to Iron My Shirt...

... because I'm a Hipster.

Ouigi of the BkC, Street Style
(early last fall)

Ouigi is wearing a BkC shirt, A.P.C. jeans, Clarks shoes,
vintage Carrera sunglasses, and carrying a BkC bag.

photo cred: Kreiger
via racked.com

Finally Fashion Is Practical: Nom de Guerre

Clean Clean Clean Clean Clean, the man is Clean.

Its hard to find beat style that is completely practical. (beat = cool). Though classic, brands like Ralph Lauren and Benjamin Bixby are usually romantic, when putting on their clothes you feel like a character in a book. Which is by all means a great feelings but its something that all cannot handle, and not everyone should even be expected to reach style heights of that caliber. However, all should look great in clothes. Nom de Guerre offers just that- an opportunity to look great in clothes even if you do not embody the personality that often goes with being an impeccably dressed man... is any of this making sense to you? Maybe not, but enjoy- I'm really feeling his 2009 looks. I'll show Fall 2009 in the Fall, for now enjoy his Spring 2009 Look Book.