be my husband

little girls need men to look up to too.

this picture makes me think about that.
when you wonder why, "that girl is choosing the wannabe gangster over you- a clear gentleman" well maybe its because she doesnt know what a gentleman looks like. she wasnt taught to prefer the man who treats her right, make sure she makes it in the house safely, insists he pay, and keeps it real-- instead she was only left with those around her who were... less than unexceptional.

be patient
and be a man
that little girls can look up to.

be cool. set standards.

photo title: TAMIKA (painting of MOS DEF)
photo via
SHEITEN M Photography


  1. i feel everything you said here....but mos def is a legitmate gentleman hes not the kinda gangster your making him out to be

  2. well, yeah that's my point... mos def is a good guy and good role model. thats why i like this picture, she's posing with a "rapper" and its the good kind... and its cool to me because mos def IS the kind of guy little girls can look up to... and like the picture says he "keeps it real".

    i probably should have been a bit more clear. but yeah mos def, common, etc etc those guys are a-m-a-z-i-n-g...