Brooklyn. We Go Hard.

Get me back to Brooklyn... I wanna join the circus. (giggles)

Anyone who knows me, knows I heart my east village... the village in general, but the East Village just contains so many types of areas and has so many kinds of people- the artsy creative types, the skater kids, the really rich but down to earth people, etc etc. But with all that said, these Brooklyn Boys make me wanna cross the bridge.

The Brooklyn Circus- I've heard about them, seen the pictures, at first I couldn't figure out exactly who or what they are but now I understand. The Brooklyn Circus is a brand that extends itself to a lifestyle, and that's what a true brand is. It is also a store- 3 stores to be exact (Chicago, Brooklyn, and San Francisco) and they carry several brands- adidas, Brixton, Cheap Monday, Goorin, G-Shock, J. Lindeberg, Kangol, Maharishi, Nooka, Nudie Co. Jeans, Onie Denim/Bs United, Phaidon, Rich Yung, Sebago, Staple Design, Tachen, The BKc, Umbro by Kim Jones, and Vael Footwear.

I just spent close to an hour perusing their photos (sigh)- why can't all guys dress like this:) So now Jacinda's favorite lifestyle brands for men- Ralph Lauren, Benjamin Bixby, and the BKc.

Photos to experience the The Brooklyn Circus.
(click to enlarge)

for more visit their blog, here.

top photo by
SHEITEN M Photography
the BKc photos via The Brooklyn Circus Blog


  1. these men light my fire
    i must write about them
    thanks for the inspiration
    i may even dress like them tomorrow morning lol

  2. you should :) i dont know why but i always get so inspired by well dressed men- it makes me wanna dress better...

    maybe its my inner tomboy... but really its just that brands like these- yanno, these lifestyle brands just speak volumes and there is yet to be a female brand that ive found that goes beyond the clothes and enter into being an inspiring lifestyle, many have came close, but theres not one yet... maybe i'll start it, who knows :)

  3. J. I dig this post...especially since I've returned home to Brooklyn. BUT...I kinda feel like I don't like when the clothes try too hard. Does that make sense? I almost feel like people are taking the prep/country club/polo sportsman thing a bit too far. But I do think the pieces they have are great and could be donned in parts...otherwise I may just look like something out of a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. I dig this BLOG more than pt. 1.

  4. Noire,

    I completely understand. What I realized is that life is usually about extremes... as humans, but especially as Americans we often go to the extremes- be it with politics, food, or fashion.

    The gangster rap influences of Tupac and Biggie (and others) introduced a jail-like clothing trend. Extra baggy clothing, "dealing", everyone hustling. And people took that to the extremes... I remember in 2004- I went to high school to find a few guys wearing shirts so long that they looked liked dresses and shorts so long that they might as well have had on pants- mind boggling.

    People became restless and tired of that. Then thanks to people like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West the preppiness began to takeover. And though many guys have transformed their wardrobe accordingly, I still catch guys wearing EXTRA large clothing when I'm in Atlanta.

    Now are some people taking it too far? Sure. That's just what we (americans) do. But I feel like its for the good... because most people's style will begin to mellow out-- it'll be FAR from baggy, but it wont be overly prep. And I think this trend is allowing many men of color- black men specifically to finally find their own style and to enjoy the art of dressing, if ya know what i mean :)

    And besides this preppy style has always been around- preppy is classic. it 100% never goes out and always look good, not people may take it to different extremes, but yanno thats just how it goes sometimes... and sometimes its fun to look like you appeared from a novel- right? lol.

    ... and thanks, i like this one better too (but shhh, dont tell anybody).


  5. This classic look, goes down nice on those guys. Likely to be a huge hit culturally, and in the music world

  6. One more comment, thank the creator of this blog bc with out people that support whats out the norm, guys like this are never given the credit they deserve. Thank you!!